Artist Statement

Being an artist working with performance, moving images and installation, I tend to play with the language and alternative presence of individual bodies, exploring integrated individual mythologies in the contemporary context by transforming the familiar to the unfamiliar in a playful and performative way.


When the body becomes a media to express body itself beyond the material expression, the secrets behind can be gradually revealed, the unique synchronicity experience can be shared. It opens up a space and possibility of transforming. For me, the physical reality is not as stable as people think. By gazing at the subtle fluctuation of the bio-energy, the unknown could be revealed. In ancient times, these experiences could be shared with ritual events; today, with multi-media and multi-layered body experience, it is possible to create and enlarge these experiences by transforming the familiar to the unfamiliar in an much more immersive way.


For me, the boundary between the performance and day-to-day life is blurry. I’m the performer but also the observer in my practive.