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Anthology of Superfluous Activities

Participatory Promenade Performance / Residency Project

Devised and performed by Ruggero Franceschini, Claudia Gambino, Francesco Meola, Tianyu Xu, Ray-Pei Yu, Anqi Zhao

Supported by Eunemesi, Switchoffthelight, ESP-I Performing Arts Group

ESP-I Theatre, Banqiao 435 Art Zone, New Taipei


Eunemesi and Switchoffthelight collaborated in this participatory performance which premiered in New Taipei City. Inspired by a Chinese 17th century book about "superfluous activities", we devised an exploration of the urban area for a small audience.

We invite our audience to a short tour of Banqiao 435 Art Zone, and the surrounding area. During the tour we will have to perform different tasks: nightwalking during daytime, taking naps, reviewing paintings, etc. These tasks are inspired by the Treaties of Superfluous Things by Wen Zhenheng, 17th century.


How does the city influences our conversation? Can we perform the task? What is intimacy? Do we feel more intimate with each other at the end of the performance?

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