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Visual Theatre


The dynamic movement-based performance is inspired by the meanings and shapes of pictographic characters, and the concepts of ”Qi”, the life force of anyliving entity in traditional Chinese philosophy. By looking at the connection between rough materials, body, sound, space and self awareness, a multisensory experience will be offered.


“The piece was contemplative and ritualistic. The actions were operated by a group who appeared as some kind of religious order, exploring the various objects. It was the movement itself and the interaction with the objects alone that created meaning. This was part of a soundscape of live effects - the objects ‘speaking’. It's about the essence of objects and our place within nature, as represented by those objects, and their sound. Not dance. Not dance theatre or physical theatre. A demonstration of a philosophy.”

Artist Director: Anqi Zhao

Associated Performance Artists: 

Ray-Pei Yu

Tianyu Xu

Shiqi Yin

Ruggero Franceschini


Set Designer: Ray-Pei Yu

Photographer: Yali Gang


-Platform Theatre, London, 2019

-The Old Dr Bell’s Bath, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  ‘China Focus’ Shanghai International Arts Festival, 2019

-Adelaide Fringe, 2020

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